Toilet is a matter of concern for most, especially for females on a trek. Following instructions will guide you about how to use toilet on a trek.

  • In most of the treks you will have toilet tents and you will also find washrooms in the guest houses in some trek.
  • In some situations, like high altitude trek, where we can’t set up a toilet tent, two separate places will be prepared behind big stones or bushes, for toilet purpose and proper directions of gents and ladies toilet will be given.
  • Small pits will be dug in a particular place and do fill up your waste with some soil after you are done.
  • Do use normal tissue soaked in water, wet tissues don’t get easily decomposed.
  • Wash your hands in downstream water, which is not being used for cooking, hand sanitizers can also be used.
  • In snow camping a temporary toilet tent will be built. Do sing a song or keep someone as guard with you while you are in toilet, and also inform others about which side you are going. It’s must for high altitude camps and at night.
  • Don’t drink less water by overthinking about toilet. If you are in a diamox course, you should at least drink 4-5 litres of water.
  • Ladies while having periods/menses can easily do a trek if they don’t get severe pain or other acute health conditions. Do keep some emergency sanitary pads with you always. Don’t throw used pads in the mountains as they are non bio-degradable. Keep used pads inside zip lock plastic bags and then into your sack. It does not spread the smell. After completing the trek, you should dump your used sanitary pads in suitable place.
  • In emergency conditions (vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.) make your tent a little away from other tents and do keep a friend with you always.
  • Now how to use a toilet tent. – ask before you enter the tent whether someone is already there.
    1. Close the tent window after entering the tent.
    2. Properly close the zip of the main gate of the tent.
    3. Fill up your waste with some soil after you are done.
    4. Open the tent window.
    5. Close the zip of the main gate properly after you leave the tent, otherwise it can
    6. fly away at windy campsites.

Best of Luck and Wish you a happy trek.