Terms & Conditions

Trekking, Peak climbing and mountaineering in Himalayan region carries an inherent risk to life and property of both Parties (Participants and agency). The weather changes in minutes causing injury and death, which is beyond Terranova Adventure control. Terranova Adventure does its best to reduce all types of risks, discomfort and hazard to the best of their ability (within financial constraints), yet there are chances of accidents, mishaps and deficiency in service. Ergo, you must agree with these terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these terms prior to confirming your booking.

Trek Physical fitness

Our treks/expedition/adventure trips take place in remote areas where limited or no sophisticated medical facilities exist. A medical emergency situation is extremely unlikely, however, should it arise we are equipped with the information to help you. We operate in often extreme and inhospitable terrain and most of our treks demand a fairly high degree of physical fitness and health. Trips vary in duration from one to four weeks. Participants must be in good health and physical condition. You agree to accept responsibility for any and all costs associated with any illness, injury or other medical condition that may happen to you during the trek. Terranova Adventure reserves the right to deny you permission to continue in a trip at any time and at your own risk and expense, if we determine that your physical or mental condition renders you unfit for travel or you represent a danger to yourself or others. Our treks can be physically demanding and prior physical conditioning is strongly recommended.

While there is no age limitation on any of trips, any disability, pregnancy, mental or physical or any other medical condition that may affect your fitness to complete the trek must be revealed at the time of booking the trip to Terranova Adventure. You also undertake that you and your travel companions, for whom you have signed up, do not suffer from any condition or disability that could create a hazard to Your own wellbeing or to others on a trip. Failure to share this information with Terranova Adventure can result in immediate termination of your trip at any stage of the trip with full cancellation penalty.

Medical Condition

Trekkers/climbers should fill the medical form carefully, detailing your medical history. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. It is vital that participants with pre-existing medical problems or conditions make these know to Terranova Adventure at the time of booking. Medical and evacuation expenses are the responsibility of the participant. It is also important that you consult your doctor for vaccination and other medical requirements for your trip before you depart. Your personal safety is of paramount importance to us and therefore it is imperative that you inform us in writing, at the time of booking, of any condition (medical or otherwise) that needs any special care/attention and that might affect your or other people’s experience during the event. If you have any past/present medical condition, it is your responsibility to give details at the time of booking trip and also carry sufficient supplies of medication needed for the condition while on trek. All minor, major medical conditions, previous surgeries and other health conditions must be notified, particularly ones that may occur or be accentuated if strenuous and physically demanding exercise is taken. You understand that by giving false information you could endanger both your own safety and that of others on the trip. You also take responsibility for ensuring you have sufficient supplies of medication needed for your current medical condition and for any condition which you have had previously which may reasonably be expected to re-occur.

Risk Factors

You acknowledge that the trek entails known and unanticipated risks, which could result in physical injury, illness, death, damage and accidents. You are fully aware of the inherent risks and understand that such risks cannot be eliminated and are an inherent part of the activity. The risks include, among other things: the hazards of walking on uneven terrain and slips and falls; the forces of nature, weather changes, earthquake and avalanche; the risks of exposure to insect bites and numerous diseases, digestive tract infections and ailments; the risk of altitude and cold including hypothermia, acute mountain sickness, cerebral and pulmonary oedema; one’s own physical condition, and the physical exertion associated with this activity, all complicated by the potential lack of rescue, including unavailability of light aircraft and no helicopter rescue. Equipment being used may malfunction, wear- out, break, be lost or inadequate in spite of efforts and care being taken. You accept that your participation in our trips is purely voluntary, and you are fully aware of the risks, and you elect to participate in spite of the risks. In case of any accident, illness, or injury, you will not hold Terranova Adventure wholly or partly responsible.


Anyone under the age of 18 is considered to be a minor and unless otherwise indicated in the Trip description or by Terranova Adventure, the minimum age for minors travelling on any Trip is 10 years. All bookings with a minor are subject to review and approval by Terranova Adventure. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult, who will also be responsible for securing all consents, documentation and ensuring that they and the minor(s) meet all legal requirements to travel, to enter into and depart from applicable destination. The accompanying adult is jointly responsible for the behaviour, wellbeing, supervision and monitoring of such minor(s). You also accept these Terms for and on behalf of any minor(s) on their booking, including all assumptions of risk and limitations of liability.


You are solely responsible for verifying the correct dates mentioned on the travel documents.


All necessary documents should be presented in advance. Terranova Adventure is not accountable in case of any trip formality not being completed in time before the trip departs or absence of essential papers and documents.


Your safety and enjoyment is Terranova Adventure’s prime concern. Terranova Adventure therefore carries out their responsibility  honestly  &   sincerely   to   ensure   that   your   trip   is   trouble–free   as   desired.   In pursuance of this responsibility, Terranova Adventure reserves the right to modify or cancel the trip or part of the trip under circumstances, including but not limiting to, Acts of God, road blockage, political unrest, cancellation of flight, delayed arrival, sickness, accidents, events beyond Terranova Adventure control etc. Any extra cost arising from such circumstances shall be borne by you on the spot. Wherever possible Terranova Adventure shall intimate you of such changes in advance or while on the trip.

Responsibility of Luggage

Baggage and personal effects are at your risk throughout the trip. You are solely responsible for your personal belongings while on-trip. Terranova Adventure is not responsible for the loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash, traveller’s cheques, or any other travel document or item owned by you while on tour, whatever the cause.

Behavior On-trip

You are required to behave in a manner that is acceptable and conducive to group travel. Terranova Adventure reserves the right to terminate your trip (if you are found to be causing distress / annoyance to co- travellers, endanger / damage property of any supplier or of other travelling companions), without

assigning any  reason  whatsoever.  No  refund  for  unused  services  is  possible  in  such  cases.  You also agree to abide by the authority of the group leader designated by Terranova Adventure. The decision of the tour leader is binding on all participants on matters that affect the safety or well-being of any person participating in the trip. Behavior that causes danger, distress or annoyance to others, or interferes with the mobility of the group can result in the group leader terminating your participation from the trip, with no right to refund for missed or unused services.


Terranova Adventure makes every effort to ensure comfort of our guests, but Terranova Adventure requests your understanding that the amenities in the Himalayan region may not be same as the ones you are accustomed to, at home. Weather is another factor that will have direct impact on your journey. Hence, you are requested to have patience, enthusiasm and be prepared for compromises before you choose to undertake this journey.


In the event, You fall ill or suffer an accident during the trip, all hospital expenses, doctor fees, repatriation expenses, evacuation from road or mountain, any other charges incurred as a direct or indirect result of Your illness / accident are Your responsibility.

Third party

You are requested to understand that to run such a monolith operation, Terranova Adventure hires the services of Third Parties who are professionals in their field. You hereby undertake to absolve Terranova Adventure from any liabilities, vicarious or otherwise arising from deficiency in service of these third parties. Terranova Adventure will not be responsible for any harm, loss or damage to your luggage, belongings or self when carried by porters, ponies or vehicles, during the trip, your arrival and departure or stay at the hotel / guest house.

Photography rights

Terranova Adventure reserves the right to take photographs of you during any trip or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a trip with us, you automatically grant us royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide and irrevocable license for using your images in photographs and videos that may be used for promotional material, website, social media, collateral and any other marketing and publicity materials. Terranova Adventure does not require your prior consent and does not need to compensate you for such use of your photographs or videos. However, Terranova Adventure does cater to media professionals. Should you have any reservations about your images not being used, please inform Terranova Adventure at the time of booking your trip.

Optional activities

Optional activities do not form part of the trip or this contract. You agree that any assistance provided by Terranova Adventure, their partners or representatives does not render Terranova Adventure liable for them in any way. Your contract for such activities will directly be with the activity provider and you hereby release Terranova Adventure from all claims and causes of action arising as a result of your participation in these. Terranova Adventure is a travel organizer only. We do not control or operate any airline, hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, transport, or any other facility or service mentioned in the trip.

Trek Insurance

Adequate and valid travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for all international (Non- Indian) participants and the same should be obtained before the date of departure. It is advisable, though not mandatory, for the domestic (Indian) participants also to get themselves adequately insured. Insurance taken, must cover you fully against repatriation costs should you become too ill to continue with the tour and must, above all, cover the evacuation of yourself from remote regions, should the need arise. Therefore, we can recommend you use an insurance package through a reliable company in your own country. Appropriate insurance that will cover medical and personal accident risks, air ambulance and helicopter rescue services is highly recommended. You must ensure that the policy you do take provides an adequate level of protection and covers you for the activities involved. Any additional expenses incurred, that of porters, vehicle, ambulance, hospitalization, or any other expense incurred for

evacuation, would be covered by the participant. It is the responsibility of each trekker to ensure that he/she is adequately insured for the trek, including activities undertaken, and the altitude. Terranova Adventure cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from your failure to ensure having necessary insurance cover for all activities involved.


Pictures used on the website and collateral are meant for marketing purposes. These do not imply the inclusion of the pictorial content to be a part of your vacation or any guarantee that you will experience, encounter or view whatever is depicted through the pictures.

  • Terranova Adventure reserves the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Trip without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Terranova Adventure reserve the right to discontinue any Trip without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Terranova Adventure reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, any Trip or to withdraw it altogether.
  • In case of any disputes, Terranova Adventure‘s decision will be final and binding to both parties. Arbitration and Litigation is your constitutional right and shall be exercised as per the Indian law.